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We offer the ideas that raise your investment above the expected income.

About working with us


Our team ( HordExpert ) came up with a strategy that helps not only pro traders, but also the newbies who want to learn to trade for fast daily profits. And most of all we wanted to make these courses fun, affordable and easy to understand!

What Makes Us Different

Our technique takes hours to learn, minutes to trade and is completely unique. If you made it this far, you probably have looked around and found courses that cost thousands of dollars and require advanced software. If you are new to trading, confusing symbols and tactics may have seemed daunting, requiring countless hours of study to learn it all. Time which you don't have. You don't have to sit there all day and study for months to learn it. And you don't have to guess or be confused. You will learn our exact method and will even be able to test it on a demo account until you are confident it works! We wanted to provide a course that a trader of any skill could take to learn our method of finding patterns in the crypto market and how to trade them. A method that we have been happily using for years.

About our company

Beast Mode system

We tested a specific stock pattern with the help of 65 traders over the span of a year.

They gave us daily results, asked questions, made requests to research other factors and asked to screen record real buy points.
We gathered people for seminars and coached people one-on-one to isolate and document the rules of this one ticker’s pattern.
To be very thorough we built an app to see three years into the past with one-second graphs (this was not cheap) and studied the pattern’s behavior from 2018 onwards. This validated the pattern’s sturdiness and longevity (yes it has been there for over three years) and helped us optimize the formula for the buy point.
We finally curated these data into a 55-lesson complete course of its own called Beast Mode. It’s about 9 hours of content, most of which is actual LIVE graphs of buy signals, SHOWING the HordExpert system in action.


Our courses are designed to be accessible to anyone. We want to help hard-working people of any industry learn how they can get the same edge in the Crypto market as we have had.

Great For Advanced Traders - The courses are also designed for advanced traders looking to learn new or additional skills. All advanced traders thus far have said they never learned this technique anywhere else!
Many students of this system never traded before and yet many were able to develop strategies in a short period of time that resulted in immediate profit. Our focus is detailed instruction with no confusing language and no questions unanswered, along with premium customer support.
These courses give a simple and fun understanding of the stock market and show how an exact predictable daily pattern can be discovered and traded. We also include training on what stock options are (a confusing subject made easy).

Crypto currency is the best bet ✅

While trading cryptocurrency, you can buy or sell, depending on whether you expect the asset’s price to rise or fall. This means you can make a profit whether the price goes up or down
Learn about cryptocurrency exchanges before investing a dollar. These platforms provide a medium to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. According to Bitcoin.com, more than 500 exchanges are available to choose from. Do your research, read reviews, and speak to an experienced investor before proceeding. Various telegram communities are there guiding & sharing their personal experiences. Crypto Gaming Bulls is one of them.

Diversify Your Investments

Diversification is at the heart of any correct investment strategy, and the same is true when investing in cryptocurrencies. For instance, you should not invest all your money in the Bitcoin network only because you know the name. There are thousands of options, and it is best to split your investment into multiple digital currencies.

Credit Benefits

World Class Customer Support - We take pride in our customer support and ensuring you get the help you need. You will be guided by people who have traveled the same journey you are on. Simply contact us through our Contact Page or fill out a web chat at any time!
Understandable Classes - Learning to trade can be confusing. But having classes designed by expert educators with decades of experience ensures you get the data in an easy, understandable way.


Surprisingly easy to learn…but very specific and sophisticated, this internship is called… Index auto trading service, and it’s unlike any other strategy.
This advanced strategy is a one-of-a-kind method not taught anywhere else.
The crypto market has always held an appeal as a way to make a lot of money very quickly. The sad truth is that 80% of day traders lose money over the course of a year with an average loss of 36%. We were in that group too. But with the index monitoring robot system’. we have been making much better than average profits most days within minutes and with the help of an index monitoring robot service you able to win in all trades being placed by the robot because the index Monitoring robot service is program to monitor the crypto market (stock market), when ever the crypto market is high that’s when the robot places a trade. So the index monitoring robot system is to help traders like you learn while you earn.

Prepare For Volatility

The crypto market is always volatile, so be prepared for some ups and downs. You will see the price fluctuate wildly. If your portfolio or mental well-being is beyond your control